Now Accepting Grant Applications

You can now apply for a grant from the Madison Street Festival. The Madison Street Festival gives back to the community through out grant program which focuses on education based ventures that support the city of Madison and its residents.

The Madison Street Festival grant committee members Keegan Mumaw, Rosalie Holcombe, and Alicia Roberts awarded almost $6,000 back to the community for 2016.

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Below are the recipients for 2016!

EPIC- EPIC began as a grass-roots effort of parents determined to meet the unfilled needs of their adult children with disabilities as well as improve the quality of life in our community. The funding we are requesting will provide educational materials that will provide a direct benefit to our clients. It will be used to purchase the following materials:
Multiple copies of books of varying reading levels; Dry erase markers; Drawing pads; Construction paper; Glue sticks; Paint and Paint brushes; Individual workbooks and activity sheets; Copy paper; Games; Music CDs; and Percussion instruments

RUFF- The money will be used to provided up to 50 young men with curriculum, food and transportation for our monthly Leadership Saturday and Teachable Tuesday meetings

Madison Senior Center- Craft Room Organization and activities-The storage space currently used to store supplies desperately needs organization with labeled storage containers. The containers would make Barb’s job as volunteer instructor much easier and would also tidy up our craft area.

Horizion Elementary- Give me Something to Read- Nonfiction books will be ordered. Children must be taught how to successfully read and understand nonfiction. Developing good nonfiction reading skills helps a child learn to think for themselves. With practice and guidance the students will not only think for themselves but will develop problem solving skills that they will use and continue to hone throughout life. The dry nonfiction text of old just does not meet the needs of the 21st century learner. These books will provide students inquiry based learning which helps the students think beyond the classroom walls. It builds curiosity which in turns helps create 21st century learners that will explore to build personal authentic learning. There has recently been an explosion of pertinent and engaging factual library bound books available from publishers. These titles contain vibrant illustrations and text that appeals to the 21st century pupil. All 680 Horizon students will be allowed to checkout and enjoy the nonfiction books.

Horizon Elementary- Scholastic News- Scholastic News is a weekly nonfiction print and digital resource we use in 2nd grade to teach a multimedia curriculum, which includes popular topics in Science, Social Studies and safety. The curriculum focus areas are building content knowledge, vocabulary, and nonfiction reading skills. Not only do the students get a copy of each magazine flyer and other print resources, they also get a login for access to the online resources. Teachers have access to the digital magazine version, vocabulary lessons, video lessons, and skill building games (which the kids LOVE!) These resources also reflect the rich diversity of today's classrooms. At this time, Madison City does not have an adopted Social Science program. Scholastic News helps cover many of our Social Science curriculum standards as well as Reading/Language Arts standards. So, not only are students learning the standards, but are gaining knowledge about interesting real world issues being covered by many different learning styles, which our students need!

Columbia Elementary- Stemscopes Science- would like grant money to purchase one Stemscopes hands-on kit and 2 consumable kits to be shared among 6 science classes, approximately 120 students

Columbia Elementary- STEM curriculum- purchase of consumable materials provided by STEMscopes Alabama. We plan to use the materials to enrich the learning of the new Alabama Science standards.

Rainbow Elementary- Digital Explosion-Rainbow Elementary School has started a new program for the 2016-2017 school year called Digital Explosion. Digital Explosion is utilized by K-6th grade students at Rainbow for approximately 23 hours per week August through May. This program impacts approximately 700 students weekly. The Digital Explosion program focuses on STEAM related activities for the students and is an extension of the regular classroom focusing on creative thinking, problem-solving and experimenting with the aid of digital tools and applications. The Rainbow PTA is submitting this grant application for the purchase three sets of Osmo complete kit, creative expansion, and coding expansion at $297.99 each for a total of $893.97 for all three sets. This grant money will enable 12 students to learn and explore art, physics, math, problem solving, and programming using the Osmo learning systems.

Mill Creek Elementary- Imagination Playground-The early beginnings preschool program serves both children with and without special needs in Madison city schools. There are approximately forty-five students between the ages of three and five years old in four classrooms. We plan to use the funding to help purchase an imagination playground. Imagination playground is a break through play space concept designed to encourage child-directed, unstructured free play. The big blue blocks from imagination playground can help children develop critical skills in the areas of intellectual, social, physical, and emotional development. The imagination playground has giant loose blocks that children can use to play, dream, build, and explore. The imagination playground is priced at $2,695, so the Madison Street Festival grant would help us make great strides towards purchasing the imagination playground for our students.

Mill Creek Elementary- Do you see what I see google expedition program- This grant money will be used to purchase Google Expedition items (android phones and Google cardboard) so that students can take virtual field trips through history. Google Expedition is an educational app where teachers can pick places from the past and events from the past for students to experience that aligns with core content.

Mill Creek Elementary- Literature for life- With the MSF Grant Funding, as a teacher, I will be able to provide classroom book sets for my students. These books will be used for a study over several weeks. The text will be used to illustrate reading concepts such as comprehension, context clues, theme, character traits, conflict, plot, point of view, and many more while engaging the students. The texts will also be used to invoke higher-level thinking, through group literature circles, and provide personal growth for each individual student. That personal growth is the accomplishment of finishing several grade level books during the school year.

Heritage Elementary- Reading Across the World- I teach Spanish to Kindergarteners through second grade. There are several books that I read to my classes. It would be great if our students could have the opportunity to check out the same books that I have read them in class so they would have the opportunity to read them on their own. The books could be checked out by students who are interested in learning Spanish or who have taken Spanish in the past.

Heritage Elementary- Leader in Me Program- Heritage Elementary has embarked on a whole school transformation process known as The Leader in Me. The Leader in Me teaches 21st century leadership and life skills to students and creates a culture of student empowerment based on the idea that every child can be a leader. Content from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Franklin Covey is a key component of the overall The Leader in Me process. The Leader in Me is a Franklin Covey Education program and over 3,000 public, private, charter and magnet schools across the world have participated since its launch in 2009. The Leader in Me program for students centers around 7 key habits for children. These habits are: Be Proactive, Begin with the End in Mind, Put First Things First, Think Win-Win, Seek First to Understand and Then to be Understood, Synergize and Sharpen the Saw. Teachers and students both play critical roles in the implementation of The Leader and Me. As part of our journey to become a Leader in Me school, the Heritage Elementary faculty has participated in multiple professional development activities. Our implementation plan for the 2016 – 2017 academic year includes engaging our students by focusing on one of the 7 Habits for Kids each month. In support of our The Leader in Me implementation, our school is applying for a grant from the Madison Street Festival to supplement our school library holdings with books to help reinforce the concepts presented in The Leader in Me. We are requesting a grant in the amount of $230.00 for the purchase of 14 Perma-Bound books for our library.

Madison Elementary- Stemscopes science kit-The students in my classroom need math manipulatives such as geometric solids, color tiles, and pattern blocks to use in the classroom for hands-on study and activities in the Envision math program adopted by Madison City Schools. The STEMScopes science kit supplies all the materials needed for each hands-on lesson and experiment that the teacher and students will engage in throughout the school year.

West Madison Elementary- Engineering Excellence- If I am fortunate enough to receive the Madison Street Festival Grant, I will purchase the kit on Balances and Forces. This kit is based on the Civil Engineering discipline and focuses on designing bridges

Liberty Middle- Computer Science Lab- The Computer Science 1 & 2 Classes at Liberty Middle are term introductory computer science survey courses targeted at 7th & 8th grade students of all gender and backgrounds. The course takes a wide lens on computer science by covering topics such as programming, physical computing, app development, and data. Students are empowered to create authentic artifacts and engage with CS as a medium for creativity, communication, problem solving, and fun. Though our class currently has sufficient laptops we are facing a funding issue with replacement batteries. Because these laptops are in students' hands almost every minutes of each class our batteries are not sustaining the life expectancy we need. This $300 grant would fund 4 batteries so that we can maintain the use of these computers as a true mobile laptops. Depending on your budget we could also benefit from only $150 to fund 2 batteries and continue to work on additional funding beyond the MSF.

James Clemens High- Career Resources-Since James Clemens is a relatively new high school we are still trying to make progress in stocking the College and Career Center with adequate resources. We have a few materials for test preparation and college admission, but there are currently limited materials in the center for students to research careers. Even students planning to attend college need to research careers in order to choose an appropriate major for study. Grant funds would be used to purchase current printed materials regarding career options for all students.

James Clemens High- Special Olympics Warm ups- We participate in Special Olympics Volleyball and Basketball. We play against schools in Decatur, Huntsville, Madison County and Morgan County. Due to the ability level of our students it is difficult to have fundraisers. We are also not part of the school athletic programs and do not receive funds from them.
Our students want to feel a part of a team and also need to stay warm during colder weather when we go out to other schools to play. We have between 10-20 students who participate on the Special Olympics Volleyball and Basketball teams. We are asking for the funds to buy warm-ups, for the players to wear to away games.
When we first opened we were able to get uniforms, warm-ups and gym bags. The uniforms are still functional, however, most of the warm-ups have rips in them and are no longer functional.

James Clemens High- Not your average Molecule book study- A class set (~32 copies) of Napoleon's Buttons books by Couteur and Burreson for Chemistry I, Pre AP Chemistry I and Chemistry II classes to utilize during books studies, Socratic seminars, and class discussions. Use of the books as a supplemental chemistry text will improve science literacy, make historical connections, and engage diverse learners. At JCHS, we strive to provide students with the most comprehensive, engaging and relevant experiences about chemical history and lab application. Our lab experiences provide every student with the skills need to safely and effectively perform experiments. However, we are in need of text-based resources that students can reference for relevant use of chemicals in our daily lives. Through end-of-course surveys, students have consistently requested to read and see more useful connections to chemistry in class and their real lives. This book would be an excellent resource to enhance their enjoyment and understanding of chemistry

Bob Jones High- Testing Prep for at risk students- The Bob Jones High School community has a significant number of at-risk students. These students often score in the lowest quartile on the ACT. In order for them to compete and have equal access to college and career, they need adequate resources to help prepare them for this test. The test prep books in our College Center were outdated and had to be discarded. Once the center is stocked again, the at-risk students will be called in individually and counseled as to how to best utilize the books, then students can check them out and use them to prepare for the exams (given 5 times each year). Kathryn Champion, the College and Career Advisor at Bob Jones High school will order books and maintain the College and Career Center.

Bob Jones High- Science Olympiad- Every year the design specifications for the events changes. This means we have to rebuild, adapt and/or buy from scratch supplies for this year's Science Olympiad regionals and state competitions. The competitions involve designing, building and testing several devices such as an electric vehicle and a robot arm. More information can be found at the Science Olympiad national website. This year we will build a robot arm and a hovercraft which will require some funding. I have a team of 12 students from Bob Jones grades 9-12 who will be building these items.

Bob Jones High- Escape with Math-Math can be challenging for many students so if teachers present the concepts in an exciting way, students are engaged and are learning while having fun. Breakout EDU learning games teach critical thinking, teamwork, troubleshooting, and complex problem solving. Students are presented a video story to set up each game. Then they have a fixed amount of time to solve a series of challenges, riddles, and mysteries in order to ""break out"". Each kit comes with a collection of locks, hidden contraptions, timers, keys and other diversion hardware for students to use

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